Sid presents honors thesis

Friday, June 16, 2023
Congratulations to Sid, who graduated with honors on research performed in our lab.
GaN characterization

New ONR award to studying GaN using infrared spectroscopy

Friday, June 16, 2023
In this program we will understand the properties of defects and dopants in vertical GaN power electronics
Image from grant

NSF Career - CAREER: Photonics in the Lowest Symmetry Crystals

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
In this project PI Folland will determine how certain classes of crystals can be used to control both direction, and orientation of light waves.
Photo of Sid and Tristan

Tristan and Sid present at SURF 2022

Thursday, March 31, 2022
This past wednesday both Tristan and Sid presented at the University of Iowa Spring Undergraduate Research Festival, on their work which is being performed as part of their shared ICRU fellowship. Congratulations on a great presentation!

Perspective on anisotropy in nanophotonics published in ACS Photonics

Publication reviews the possibilities for low symmetry materials for next generation nanophotonics.
PhP detector concept

Perspective on new concepts for infrared optoelectronics

Here we discuss how a new generation of infrared optoelectronics could be realized leveraging surface phonon polaritons.
Image of Shear Polaritons

Research on Hyperbolic Shear Polaritons published in Nature

Shear phenomena in the infrared dielectric response of a monoclinic crystal are shown to unveil a new polariton class termed hyperbolic shear polariton that can emerge in any low-symmetry monoclinic or triclinic system
Inverse design of CdO emitters

Inverse Design for Tailored thermal emission published in Nature Materials
Schematic of a superstructure grating

Superstructure Emitters published in APL

Superstructure gratings tailor thermal emission
Cover for Advanced Materials

Hybrid Mid-Near Infrared Waveguides

In recent work published in Advanced Materials, us and collaborators at Vanderbilt show that both near infrared and mid-infrared light can be guided on a silicon chip by combining two different materials